CRM Solutions

In today’s world, there is a multitude of competitors in any industry competing for every inch of the market space. In this scenario, it is essential to have a CRM system in place that keeps track of customers and their support sales data that will aid in better understanding and eventually sell to customers. This is not just good business sense but absolutely essential if your organization does not want to become extinct or irrelevant in a continually evolving technology landscape.

Kasmo provides you CRM solutions that help you achieve a vantage viewpoint on your customers at the sales, support and marketing checkpoints. Our extensive experience in the CRM space will help you to create and maintain CRM strategies and solutions that will aid customer acquisition, retention and loyalty and support

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Kasmo is a fast growing end-to-end IT service provider of innovative solutions

Sales Management

We provide the latest solutions for Sales Management which will help clients improve customer interactions, increase revenue, improve market shares, monitor partner interactions, monitor and improve sales.

Marketing Automation

We implement comprehensive solutions for campaign management, lead generation and list management. These solutions leverage BI data and process workflows to ensure correct engagement of existing and potential customers through appropriate channels.

Customer Support & Services

We provide a range of client case management, field service management and client self-service solutions to support your customer support and services workflows.


We have several comprehensive industry-specific CRM solutions which address issues and requirements specific to that sector.

Why Traders Choose Us

We are Unique

Our distinctiveness states our unique character, which syndicates business strengths with a logic of humanity that decide how we address the whole extent of our clients’ corporate challenges, to allow their ambition in the technology world. This innovative uniqueness symbolizes our dream that the industry value of technology comes from and complete people.

Flexible Delivery

The technology world delivers new paths for companies to follow business growth. Kasmo is developing and pioneering plans and solutions to confirm our clients gain competitive benefit in a dynamic world. Our teams are well-known with our many long-tenured clients for making new possibilities and installing flexible delivery models to fit your exclusive challenges.

Excellent Support

Kasmo delivers flexible and reliable support for their clients. We have dedicated and designated people in IT Service desk operations for actual time support with high competence. Kasmo has been at the forefront adding significance.