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As a company, we are passionate about data and its power to transform businesses. We blend the latest technology and experience to bring to you powerful Business Intelligence and Data Analytics solutions which provide you with powerful data insights and reporting. This helps you take scientific, analytical business decisions with proven growth, tangible results and operational benefits.

The advantages of adopting the latest BI and EDM Solutions is realized soon as organizations forge ahead of their competition with readily available data-driven business insights and superior technology infrastructure

We provide strategic and turnkey implementation services for Business Intelligence and Enterprise Data Management with expertise in Data Architecture, Data Integration, Data Quality, Master Data Management, Data Governance, Reporting and Analytics, and Program Management.

Buisness Intelligence

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Kasmo Offerings

Kasmo is a fast growing end-to-end IT service provider of innovative solutions

Data Integration

We use latest data integration technologies to combine structured and unstructured data from multiple sources and set up a data supply chain that will be useful in an enterprise system. We use agile and lean development to develop a data processing model that is scalable, repeatable and value driven.


We have a well maintained database of data-models and naming standards which we can use on the fly bringing various benefits to clients such as scalability, reusability, cost reduction etc. We can also develop custom data-models based on client requirements using data modeling techniques.


Poor Data Quality can cause significant losses to a company. We employ Data Management processes and set up a system which not only identifies poor data but also helps us improve its quality and enables monitoring of the data synthesis.


We provide innovative and cutting edge reporting and Business Analytics to our clients through PLAPs, Dashboards, visualizations and Analytic reports to enable our clients to harness the power of raw data and convert into BI and subsequently Business growth.


We implement a master data management system (MDM) that ensures the integrity of the master and reference data. It ensures that the data is accurate, consistent and readily available through a BI system.


We Design the Data Architecture on which the entire BI and EDM systems will be based. We design an architecture that is robust, scalable, optimal, and efficient and will meet existing and potential requirements fully.

Why Traders Choose Us

We are Unique

Our distinctiveness states our unique character, which syndicates business strengths with a logic of humanity that decide how we address the whole extent of our clients’ corporate challenges, to allow their ambition in the technology world. This innovative uniqueness symbolizes our dream that the industry value of technology comes from and complete people.

Flexible Delivery

The technology world delivers new paths for companies to follow business growth. Kasmo is developing and pioneering plans and solutions to confirm our clients gain competitive benefit in a dynamic world. Our teams are well-known with our many long-tenured clients for making new possibilities and installing flexible delivery models to fit your exclusive challenges.

Excellent Support

Kasmo delivers flexible and reliable support for their clients. We have dedicated and designated people in IT Service desk operations for actual time support with high competence. Kasmo has been at the forefront adding significance.