What is ECM ?

ECM is the strategies, methods and tools used to capture, manage, store, preserve, and deliver content and documents related to organizational processes. ECM tools and strategies allow the management and organization of a company’s unstructured information, wherever that information exists.

What is the Value of Our ECM Solution?

Now you can have your data, documents and workflow consolidated in a single source, web based environment. Reap the benefits of a full-service support model or SaaS. Your knowledgeable workers can continue to process documents using existing customer processing systems. Our feature rich proprietary technology is easily customized to meet your specific needs and it is faster to implement and less costly than similar offerings.

Enterprise Content Management


% Oracle

% Alfresco

% Documentum

Kasmo Offerings

Consider the benefits of ECM solutions for your business:

Easy Digital Document Conversion:

Easily capture and convert paper-based information into digital files that can be efficiently stored, transmitted and formatted.

Remote Document Access Anytime, Anywhere:

our employees can quickly access data when they need it from a PC or mobile device, no matter where they are.

Finding Documents Easier:

Reduce the valuable time you and your employees spend searching for and recreating lost documents..

Better Data Security:

When it comes to confidentiality of information, there is no room for error or risk of compromising documents.

Why Traders Choose Us

We are Unique

Our distinctiveness states our unique character, which syndicates business strengths with a logic of humanity that decide how we address the whole extent of our clients’ corporate challenges, to allow their ambition in the technology world. This innovative uniqueness symbolizes our dream that the industry value of technology comes from and complete people.

Flexible Delivery

The technology world delivers new paths for companies to follow business growth. Kasmo is developing and pioneering plans and solutions to confirm our clients gain competitive benefit in a dynamic world. Our teams are well-known with our many long-tenured clients for making new possibilities and installing flexible delivery models to fit your exclusive challenges.

Excellent Support

Kasmo delivers flexible and reliable support for their clients. We have dedicated and designated people in IT Service desk operations for actual time support with high competence. Kasmo has been at the forefront adding significance.