31 October 2018

Salesforce Developer Certification Process

Qualification Requirements and Examination Process – Salesforce Developer Certification Course

Salesforce.com stipulates a base arrangement of necessities that every single qualified hopeful must experience. The minimum qualification requirement is BCA, BBA, BE, B.tec, M.Sc, M.Com,MCA or MBA. An applicant is likewise required to have a decent comprehension of the fundamental ideas and functionalities in the Salesforce platforms. A training provider is relied upon to take applicants through the Salesforce platform to empower them fit for the certification. When a competitor demonstrates that they have this capability, they would then be able to be permitted to apply for the accreditation exams.

Certification Process.
All candidates who wish to attain the Salesforce Developer certification must guarantee they have accomplished the qualification criteria by acquiring the necessary training. The procedure to get authorize will take a hopeful through a short arrangement of stages that will expect them to visit www.salesforce.com after they have experienced preparing for the equivalent. Candidates at that point need to enlist for the Salesforce DEV 401 examination – the test for Salesforce developers. Candidates at that point need to take the exam in order to be guaranteed. The exam is online-based having a different decision addresses organize with 60 questions in total. The test goes on for around a hour and a half (90 minutes). 68% is the percentage passing score which is a minimum score for all candidates.
Examination Format:
After visiting the Salesforce.com site, one can clearly observe the prerequisites to make progress in the exams. To pass the exam, an individual should not exclusively have the capacity to assemble custom applications through point-and- click capabilities on Salesforce, yet in addition have the capacity to design data model, UI, security for modified applications, and business logic. Planning gateways, reports, and dashboards are additionally a need. The examination contains various 60 multiple questions totally. The exam timing duration is 90 minutes with a passing score of 68%. Candidates have to enroll with an examination charge of $200. The examination body does not permit hard-copy or online materials inside the examination center.

Applicant who may be fail to achieve the minimum passage score of 68%. This should not stress you as you can retake the examination and accomplish your desired certification. Applicants, who wish to re-sit the test, must resubmit their registration details together with a re-take charge of $100. You should go experience the regions that you failed to build your chances of doing admirably in the retake.

10 September 2018

Difference between Artificial intelligence and Machine Learning

Many are still not aware that there is differences between AI & ML , Here are some Shocking differences between Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning . Check it Out !

Artificial Intelligence Machine Learning
The aim is to increase of success to be change not accuracy The aim is to increase of accuracy to be change not success
Smart work because it work as computer program Machine can take Data & Learn it
The aim is to consider natural intelligence to solve complex problem as well The aim is to learn from data on certain task to maximize the performance for that task.
AI is decision making. ML is to learn new things from data.
It leads but human can to response on start. It’s a full of self learning algorithms.
The Solution for AI is go for Optimal only. The solution for ML is go for weather is optimal or not
AI takes to lead as intelligence or wisdom. ML takes to lead as knowledge

28 August 2018

How Kasmo RPO works ?

What is RPO?

Recruitment Process Outsourcing it is a process wherein an employer outsource or gives all the responsibilities on its company’s recruitment to an external company to provide them better solutions and also that they can concentrate on their core competencies.

Why as a company you should go for an RPO?
• You should go for an RPO as an client because it helps you in best talent acquisition with lesser time and also can employee fewer employees in turn saves your cost.
• RPO eliminates your risk, complexity as the whole recruitment is taken care by the RPO’
• RPO’s help you with elimination of operations cost and providing strategic advantage.
• Investing in RPO in short saves your time and cost and also helps you to grow, enhance your competencies as an organization, help you to render only that service which you are determined to deliver.
• It helps you to grow better and achieve better success in global markets by focusing on your strengths.

Kasmo RPO
In this extremely competitive world, Kasmo acts as an expert partner in rendering helping hand to organizations to get their business solutions from selecting the right professionals to fulfilling the clients extensive demands.
Kasmo provides RPO solutions all over the globe, while in your organization you can focus precisely on your core competency we provide you low cost hiring solutions.
As an RPO we undertake the complete company’s recruitment functions, its no more your problem of worrying about resources for finding right professionals.
We ensure you and we manage the whole of end to end recruitment, providing cost effective hiring techniques, we provide you with improved time to hire, excellent quality, we do integrate ourselves with your hiring processes.
As Kasmo we do help you with new techniques of hiring process which would get you cost effective, best quality solutions for your recruitments needs within least time.
As a result we have been able to help organizations fulfil their demands with best quality, enhancement of techniques and the whole process is impeccably spotless
We do the complete talent research, talent branding, talent acquisition, we do track the compliance, we also map the process, we also do audits and reporting, we manage the third party vendors, vendors management, delivery assessment, reviewing client satisfaction.
Why Kasmo RPO
• Choosing kasmo RPO you get excellent and satisfactory return on what you have invested on us.
• We do understand your critical needs and we do address them immediately.
• We do provide solutions for optimum utilization of your resources .
• Customization is the key feature of our RPO, we work closely according to your needs and recruitment, sourcing and each step we work for is customizable meeting your business needs.
• Our team who works for your needs is filled with highly talented and highly experienced professionals, who work efficiently with new techniques and understanding the market to provide you the best solution, whom we have acquired from all over the globe as your competition is globally hence we need competent people to meet your needs.
• We assign a particular professional who completely work only on your requirements and concentrate on giving you the best result ,which helps us to provide you with great results in improved time.
• We help organizations grow, as each organization grows with great manpower having professionals who are talented and committed, hence we help organizations grow by providing great Human Resources.
• We do take care from position analysis, to screening even short listed candidates, we arrange interviews, even after the onboarding we take care that there is no attrition, we help you to brand your organization as well..

Come and discover how does Kasmo provides cost effective solutions with enhanced techniques..

22 January 2018

The Competitive Advantage of Big Data

A contemporary research establishes that we generate nearly 2.5 Quintilian bytes of data every day. Organizations nowadays have access to different types of data collected from different consumer touch points comprising websites, business apps, social media pages, mobile devices, blogs, documents, archives etc. Though, just collecting data isn’t sufficient to make a positive influence on your industry. You must study and convert the collected data into parts of value-added information.

Data are now interlaced into each region and function in the entire economy, and, like other important factors of production such as durable assets and human capital, much of contemporary economic action solely could not take place without them. The use of Big Data — enormous pools of data that can be fetched together and analyzed to distinguish patterns and make enhanced decisions — will become the root of competition and development for individual firms, improving efficiency and producing noteworthy value for the world economy by dipping waste and growing the quality of products and services.

Consumer social standards have undoubtedly changed and as a consequence, expectations have intensified. This blog will help you to know the benefits that businesses can obtain from data and analytics in terms of motivating optimistic results for their own business and their consumers, while still preserving and assisting the highest level of data security.

The Benefits of Big Data

Conversation with customers:

Nowadays customers are intelligent. They look everywhere a lot before they purchase, talk to their complete social network about their buying, demand to be treated as exceptional and want to be genuinely acknowledged for purchasing your products. Big Data lets you outline these progressively verbal and unpredictable little ‘autocrats’ in an influential manner so that you can engross in an almost individual, present conversation with them. This is not really an extravagance. If you don’t give them like they want to, they will leave you in the wink of an eye.

Improve your products:

Big Data can also assist you to know how others recognize your products so that you can familiarize them, or your marketing if required. Analysis of formless social media text permits you to discover the ideas of your consumers and even part those in different geographic positions or among diverse demographic groups.

On top of that, Big Data helps you to check thousands of different variants of computer-aided designs in the wink of an eye so that you can check how slight changes in, for example, material affect budgets, lead times and performance. You can then increase the competence of the making process accordingly.

Execute risk analysis:

Achievement not only is determined by on how you run your establishment. Social and economic aspects are important for your endeavors as well.  Predictive analytics, operated by Big Data lets you scan and analyze newsprint reports or social media feeds so that you always keep up to speed on the latest growths in your industry and its atmosphere. Thorough health-tests on your suppliers and consumers are another super that comes with Big Data. This will permit you to take action when one of them is at risk of nonpayment.

Protecting your data safe:

You can map the whole data landscape throughout your company with Big Data tools, thus permitting you to analyze the dangers that you face within. You will be able to identify possibly sensitive information that is not secure in a suitable manner and make sure it is deposited according to regulatory necessities. With actual Big Data analytics you can, for instance, ensign up any state where 16 digit numbers – possibly credit card data – are kept or emailed out and inspected accordingly.

Generate new revenue streams:

The insights that you increase from analyzing your market and its customers with Big Data are not just valued by you. You could sell them as non-personalized development data to large industry players functioning in the same part as you and make a whole new revenue stream.

One of the more notable instances comes the song identification application. It assists record labels to find out where music sub-cultures are arising by observing the use of its service, including the position data that mobile devices so suitably deliver. The record labels can then discover and sign up promising new artists or re-market their existing ones accordingly.

Modify your website in actual time:

Big Data analytics permits you to identify the content or appearance and texture of your website in actual time to suit each customer entering your website, depending on, for example, their sex, nationality or from where they have done upon your site.

Reducing maintenance costs:

Usually, factories assessment that an assured type of equipment is probably to wear out after so many years. As a result, they change each piece of that technology within that many years, even devices that have much more valuable life left in them. Big Data tools do away with such impractical and expensive averages. The enormous amounts of data that they access and use and their unmatched speed can spot failing grid devices and predict when they will give out. The consequence: a much more profitable replacement tactic for the usefulness and less downtime, as faulty devices are traced a lot faster.

Offering enterprise-wide insights:

Earlier, if business users wanted to analyze large volumes of different data, they had to ask their IT associates for assistance as they themselves needed the technical abilities for doing so. Often, by the time they established the requested data, it was no longer beneficial or even accurate. With Big Data tools, the technical teams can do the foundation and then build repeatability into algorithms for faster searches. In other words, they can improve systems and install communicative and dynamic visualization tools that let business users analyze, observe and help with the data.